A closer look at the Natural subtypes

In a series of six posts we will take a closer look of each of the subtypes of a main type to get a better idea of how they compare against each other. Each of the subtypes combines two main types to create a new type, with the expection of the Languid which will get a post of their own due to being a mix of three (Dramatic, Natural and Ingenue).

In this post we will take a look at the Natural subtypes. For fun, each type is given a, era to give an idea of the differences in vibe; starting off with Natural who would be the 1970s and modern day.


Natural sub-categories


Amazon: Natural and Dramatic. Warrior, goddess, fashion icon. The Amazon takes the roughness, the relaxed vibe and texture from the Natural and mixes it with the drama, strong silhouette and asymmetry of the Dramatic. Era? 1970s, 1980s and modern day (plus ancient Egypt and Rome).

Minimalist: Natural and Classic. Simple, chic, cool. The Natural with a trenchcoat and less dangly handcrafted jewellery, a Classic with jersey dresses and without her pearls. No froufrou, but instead elegant understatedness. Era? 1990s and modern day.

Pixie: Natural and Gamine. Quirky, mischievous, fun. Fitted and crisp cropped silhouettes from the Gamine melts together with the texture, mix-and-match feel and carefree vibe of the Natural. Era? Late 1960s, 1990s and modern day (perhaps in a different world).

Ingenue: Natural and Delicate. Pretty, fun, charming and friendly; the Ingenue is not neccessarily best suited to sharp avant garde. Instead the Ingenue combines the tactile feel and unrestricted look of the Natural with the intricate and sweet Delicate. Era? Art Nouveau and 1970s.

Wildflower: Natural and Romantic. Cool and friendly meets bombshell. Soft, tactile, curvy and artsy – the Wildflower looks great in embroidered knits and wool skirts and in jersey wrap dresses and cork wedges, but might want to steer clear of hard futuristic details and anything obviously synthetic.  Era? 1940s and 1970s.

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