A closer look at the Dramatic subtypes

In a series of six posts we will take a closer look of each of the subtypes of a main type to get a better idea of how they compare against each other. Each of the subtypes combines two main types to create a new type, with the expection of the Languid which will get a post of their own due to being a mix of three (Dramatic, Natural and Ingenue).

In this post we will take a look at the Dramatic subtypes. For fun, each type is given a, era to give an idea of the differences in vibe; starting off with Dramatic who would be the art deco period, the 1980s and … the future.


Dramatic sub-categories



Amazon: Dramatic and Natural. What you get when you combine the effortlessly cool Natural with the striking Dramatic. The silhouette is strong, the details large and the vibe is part warrior, part trendsetter, part Studio 54. Era? 1970s, 1980s and modern day (plus ancient Egypt and Rome).

Urbane: Dramatic and Classic. The Urbane mixes the put-together, balanced Classic with the avant garde, regal Dramatic. The result is a sleek, modern and striking woman who looks great in patent leather stilettos and blazers, or a black sheath with an asymmetrical neckline highlighted with a wide white trim. Era? 1980s and modern day.

Experimental: Dramatic and Gamine. More expressionistic and wild than the Dramatic, bolder and more avant garde than the Gamine. The Experimental looks great in many looks, whether they are “out there” or not; as long as she plays with shapes, contrast and tailored or crisp fabrics. Era? 1960s, 1980s and modern day.

Minx: Dramatic and Delicate. The bird-like Delicate with her elf-like vibe is mixed with the salient and sharp Dramatic. Glitter and velvet, lace and leather, tailored and slinky fabrics, kitten heels and capes. Era? 1930s and early 1950s.

Serpentine: Dramatic and Romantic. A long silhouette is needed, likewise is soft fabrics and embellishments. She easily wears strong shoulders with surplice draping, large details and exotic florals, oriental prints on silk. Full and soft features is paired with strong bone structure or sharpness. Era? Art deco to 1940s and 1980s.

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