A closer look at Languid

The past six posts on this blog has been about the subtypes of the main types, namely Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, Delicate and Romantic. As mentioned in each post, Languid is given a post of its own as it is a combination of Dramatic, Natural and Delicate. All the types are given one or more eras to represent the overall vibe of the type.; in the case of Languid the eras of inspiration are Empire/Regency, Pre-Raphaelite (art), Art Nouveau, 1910s.


Dr+N+De = Languid


Dramatic: Bold, streamlined, architectural, avant garde, exotic, regal. Cut-outs, shiny fabrics, metals, abstract prints, long line, tailored/structured. No frills attached!

Natural: Cool, efforlessly chic, relaxed fabrics, texture, artsy. Linen, wool, natural stones, inspiration from nature, leather, unstructured, width (not fragile), mixing and matching.

Delicate: Airy, etheral, intricate, lightweight feel, doll-like, dainty. Fragile and pliable fabrics, sheerness, dangly jewellery, shimmer and sparkle, flowy.

Languid: A combination of the aforementioned three types. The line is long and strong like the Dramatic, unstructured (except in the shoulders), the fabrics lightweight and flowy, texture, bold touches with a light touch, intricacy, motifs from nature, sheen, a magical elf-like feel.

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