Colour analysis


In-person only

Find your best colours

Get a custom Color Alliance palette

Learn how to combine colours

Find your best make-up colours

See the effects yourself

Approx. 1.5 - 2 hours

Style analysis


In-person or online

Know your body and face shape

Learn about line and proportion

Learn about your style type

Loads of information tailored to you

Custom outfit illustrations

Extensive PDF-file - Your own Style Memoirs

Mini style analysis


Online only

Mini version of the style analysis

Know your lines, body and face shape

Know your style type

Full of information tailored to you

Can be upgraded to full analysis later

Style update


In-person or online

Requires the style analysis (not mini)

New outfits for events, seasons, etc.

New outfits fitting your requirements

Want to incorporate the latest trends?

Price depends on amount of looks

Personal shopping


In-person only

Requires the style analysis

´╗┐Tailored to your budget

Tailored to your requirements

Learn to shop effectively

Price listed is per hour